They are proud owner our Ferdinand Flötenschniedel Chronographen become for it thank themselves you much. In order to want to have possibly long friends with this technical points product, we would like to ask it deeply to read the following lines. Possibly even you consider also the additional data to the inserted Grenzengeweschwerr type III. we wish in so long like possible joys with that our clock.

Start-up :

In order to be able to take the clock in enterprise, you turn the crown. In order to stop the time, you pull the crown out in position, use you no force under all circumstances, which are available. If you reset the time in (you need to lead this only at the beginning once through, continue to see under) and to bring you the crown. This is absolutely important for the water, which may not arrive into the clock. Now the clock is ready for use.


The clock is to be indicated suitably apart from the normal time also the stopped time correctly. For this work pushers A press, which begins time which can be taken up. Renewed press from A terminates the time. If you print A again, the time adds itself with the first time. Attention - that does not have influence on the standard time. If you have with your time finished, press on B, the time are afterwards deleted.


Do not press B, if not A came to full stop. Danger of the direct loss for the function. If you want, you can begin again from the front beginning.

Auxiliary function:

The clock is placed only with first start-up. The time should with the time any more with the correct time does not agree places behind the Grenzengeweschwerr the time automatically with the time to recognize to no more deviations. This is a large innovation on the way of the clock. It is without maintenance and may only from technical personnel be worked.

Mechanism for the adjustment periods stroke. A component of Grenzengeweschwerr type III never no adjustment by the user!

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